4D Lottery is a very simple luck game. In fact, apart from one thing two games is almost the same, that is gambling Malaysia Toto4D, 4D digital string is invisible. Thus, 1234 would be 4321, 0018 and 1080 would be associated with.

Play a lot 4d, follow the steps below

Select a 4-digit number, or Figure 4D, which can be obtained from the number 0000-9999 million in the number 0138, 1012, 4318, 7766, or 9991.

Choose to guess the guess big or small, or both.

Choose the number of gamble decisions for each quiz. The guess is the minimum gambling ringgit each.

You win, if one or more of the numbers you choose to fit in the winning numbers of the winning numbers are arranged in one or more.

For example, when you select 1234,4321 to draw one of the winning numbers, you win a number of 4D bunch of trivial, 4321 as 1234 24 legally arranged in part to make a how to win the match, much more 4D Malaysia for more information. On the right is an example of a 4D lottery ticket.


The first four-character number next to the M6 symbol is only 6-ranked gambling is selected. Similarly, the selected toto4d live Monday M24 only 24 out of P & G signs.

Magnum introduced the first, its unique gold coin provider called Multiword Jackpot, which features award winning elements with many awards and their method elements.

There are seven categories of prizes awarded to gamblers at all levels, including two dilemmas that can accumulate to millions of ringgit.

How to award a scene from Malaysia Dodo 4D

Jackpot hit the gold, silver, select a group of parts and lottery numbers. The betting component is composed of three sets of zero and two numbers 99 named T1, T2, and T3 as well as a lottery component that consists of only two numbers from zero to 19 “. Victory Jackpot Gold 1 as a whole bet matching component The Lottery and Lottery department says. He also said that the dream dragon did not make a separate number for the Jackpot gold medal winning numbers for the jackpot numbers have started 4d winning Malaysian numbers. Lottery 4D first prize of the last two digits, he continued, will form the first two digits of T1, T3 for the last two T2 and two second prize of the last two digits.


He added that the constituent bets will start the 4DToto numbers of the first prize. The first number in the last 4D result is because the 000-999 range is not good.

“As the first choice of the first win is less than or equal to four, the number of parts of the first bet will not or will become,” Mr Lai said.

The second digit of the gambling component is shot directly from the second digit of the first prize 4D. At the same time, the seven-prize structure will consist of a bonus of RM2 million, with a minimum of 2 winnings of RM100000.

Gold Award RM100000 The third prize is set to the maximum payment limit of RM1.5 billion, the fourth (RM3388), the fifth (RM338), the sixth prize (RM38) and the Saturday Award (RM4).

From Wednesday’s maximum payment limit to Saturday’s reward of RM5 million is placed in each one.

“Each RM2 is at least the least,” Lai added, betting on one of the ringgit prizes from multiplied by bonus Tuesday to Saturday. As mentioned above, in Malaysia to play a lot of 4D games, you can have 4d result malaysia today live┬áto choose to guess big or small.