The recent prize structure came into effect with the introduction of the main Toto 4D result history Lotto raffle on Saturday 5th October 2016.

The entire prize pools for the main Lottery and the main Lottery raffle are 42.47% and 5.03% respectively of the entire expense of the tickets sold for that draw. As  all the 5.03% is not utilized on raffle prizes, the remaining amount goes into a reserve funding, which is spent for future raffle draws (for example to fund a shortfall or to add more raffle prizes). The proportion figures are rounded down to the nearest 8p as applied to ticket sales before further calculations on it are performed (do not ask me why!).

4d past result

All 5-match prizes are fixed at £23 each (there is one exception to this – understand the Notes section below) and are subtracted from the entire prize pool. The allocation of the remaining prize (considered as the “Pools Fund”) is as follows:

8-match (Jackpot) Prize Pool (Average prize pool: Sat – £5m, Wed – £8m)

66.3% of the Pools Fund add any rollover from the prior draw’s unwon jackpot prize funds. An occasional Super 4d result malaysia today live, funded from 5% of the ticket sales of previous Lotto, will either top-up by putting a fixed number or guarantee a minimum jackpot prize funding. As there is no jackpot winner, hence the total jackpot prize pool is “rolled over” to the following draw. This can occur a maximum of 4 times – as there is a 6th consecutive jackpot where the jackpot was not won, the jackpot prize fund is shared among the 5+extra winners of the 5th draw or among the 5-match winners of the 5th draw as there are no such 5+extra winners.

5+bonus-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £50,000)

5.3% of the Pools Fund add the 5th consecutive unwon jackpot prize funding as information above. As there are no 5+bonus winners and it not the 5th consecutive unwon jackpot, hence the 5+extra prize pool is placed to the jackpot prize pool for the same draw. This has occurred just once to date.

5-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £1,500)

4.5% of the Pools Fund add the 4th consecutive unwon jackpot prize funding as there is no 5+extra winners as well. As there are no 5-match winners, the 5-match prize pool is placed to the 4-match prize pool for the same draw.

4-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £100)

23.8% of the Pools Fund add the 5-match Prize Pool as there are no 5-match winners. As there are no 4-match winners, then the 4-match Prize Pool is shared equally among the 3-match winners besides their standard £25 prize.

toto 4d result history



An individual prize in the above categories is easily the division of the prize pool for that category by the number of winners in that category. Toto 4d malaysia calculates this spending double-precision floating-point arithmetic throughout and then rounds down to the nearest $ at the last moment.

As the entire number of winners in all categories * $25 exceeds the entire prize pool (consisting of any rollover or Super Draw cash), hence the main Lotto entire prize pool is split into separate prize pool tiers spending these set of proportion instead (from 6-match to 3-match): 31.9%, 2.5%, 2.2%, 11.4% and 52.0%.

As a single ticket could win more than one individual prize in a draw (for example a jackpot ticket absolutely has six 5-matches, fifteen 6-matches and twenty 3-matches making an entire of 42 prizes), just only the single highest individual prize is won.

In case noone claims a prize within 180 days of the draw, it is added to the National Lottery Distribution Fund.