Any one knows that 4d result live today is drawn randomly, but if you pay more attention, you will find amazing things such as hot numbers and cold numbers in these results. Have you ever wondered why many people have won lottery jackpots and you are not one of them. One of top reasons is that you don’t know rules of choosing hot and cold numbers in 4d result Malaysia today live. So, take time to explore the rules in this article.


Nowadays, there are lots of people love to play lottery, especially through online agents because of convenience and comfort. Hence, players easily find past lottery results corresponded to lottery games they are playing. Thus, phenomenon of hot and cold numbers was born.

Theory of hot and cold numbers in lottery

Theory of hot and cold numbers is a new concept in lottery industry in which you can find rules to start winning more in your chosen lotto game. According to lotto experts, hot numbers are numbers that are drawn very often than other numbers based on daily lottery results. And people believe in a method or a pattern that show clearly numbers appear more often than others in magnum 4d past result .

In the other hands, cold numbers are considered as those numbers that less lucky than others because the probability of drawing these numbers is very low. Depending on toto 4d result history, rules of hot and cold numbers appeared.

Pick hot numbers

As I have mentioned above, hot numbers are often in winning numbers drawn by lotto agents. That is reason why you should pick hot numbers to boost you chance of winning the lottery. In order to which are hot numbers, you need collect past 4d results and study them carefully to find out numbers appear more often.

Besides, visit reputable lottery websites such as 4dtreasure or 4ddraw regularly to get list hot numbers the webs offer.

Avoid cold numbers

Similar to picking hot numbers, you also have to look for past 4d results to know which numbers have less chance to appear in 4d result live today to avoid these numbers. By studying carefully, you can easily find out specific numbers that are rarely or never drawn. Of course, most online lottery sites I have mentioned above provide list cold numbers. So, you can easily avoid these numbers.


Lotto strategies or luck

Most people bear in mind that winning lottery depends on luck more than tips and tricks. But today, this concept seems to change. For those who win lottery Malaysia consistently, do you think there is something more than just luck going on? If you delete the think that lottery is games of luck, naturally you will find methods to improve your chance of winning including use theory of hot and cold numbers are avoiding cold numbers and selecting hot numbers in your lottery selection.

Hope this article will give you a better chance of winning in 4d Malaysia. Good luck!