Guides to read your money line on your Hands

Want to know you can earn enough money to bring a rich life? There are many indications that if you can get rich, and by reading your palm line get a lot of wealth. Now, follow us to see if you have money and 4d88 past result.

Money line

In the palm of your hand the money line. They are upright lines located below the base of the little finger.

  • If a lot of lines, clear lines, that you are very smart, good investment, you can make a lot of money. In addition, there are many giants in life to help you. If you find your solar line is also straightforward and clear, you can get both fame and fortune. (figure 1)
  • Waves of money show that your wealth is unstable in wealth. You will have a lot of trouble in business or career. If you want to achieve success, it requires more effort to improve yourself, both in ability or in training. (figure 2)
  • Intermittent money lines often represent bad wealth. You will encounter many difficulties in your career or business management. In addition, if you are a personality of acute and inpatient patients, you belong to people who can not afford to make money with sabah 4d 88.

Judge from the Sun Line

The sun line is the vertical line located under the ring finger, which usually represents a person’s popularity, reputation and success. So, if you have a beautiful solar system, you can easily succeed.

  • Branch line from the sun line, and toward the little finger extension, also known as the money line. If you have such a line, it shows you have a business mind that is lucky to get help from others and has a great ability to handle money. So you have a great chance of becoming a great wealth man. (Figure 4)
  • If the branch of the sun line to the money line and the sun line together, you are destined to get some unexpected money in life. Because of reputation, you may get a lot of wealth. In addition, this means that you can earn additional income through part-time work. (Figure 5)
  • Once the money line and the sun line are short horizontal line cross, you should pay attention to those who may affect your reputation, stole your wealth villain. In addition, you need to avoid public wealth. (Figure 6)

M-shaped palm

In Chinese palms, if a person’s career line through the head line up and reach the heart line, it can make the heart line, the first line and the lifeline to form “M” shape. If you have such an M logo in your hand, you can get a huge fortune by the age of 40. If you are still unsuccessful before the age, it shows you do not work hard, or the effort is not in the right direction. (Figure 7)

The color of the palm

Generally speaking, if your palms show white color, it means that you can easily get married with a wealthy man or woman, so enjoy a good fortune. If it is blood red, you will be hard to make money. Deep yellow palms show you almost no chance of getting married with a wealthy partner. Some red dots scattered in two palms are a good sign of wealth. Such palms are commonly referred to as liver brown. If you have such a place in your hands, you can start from scratch to establish business and be good at doing business.

Soft and fat palms

In the hands of China, a person with a soft and fat palm can usually enjoy the wealth and honor. On the opposite side, with hard and thin palm, you will have nothing to do with wealth. In addition, it is impossible to marry a rich man.

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