For years, Malaysia is famous for a country where betting development is actively commuted from the Western nations. Nevertheless, as Malaysian lottery via the internet is known, that is still not the circumstance. The passions for gambling in Malaysia have been extremely high in for years. Consequently, it is acceptable to hope that online lottery games will soon be part of the serve by the most admirable lottery creators in this country. In fact, the game so called keputusan 4-Digit or as the local name keputusan 4D has regarded as one of the most interested lottery games in many countries, especially Malaysia.

The online betting has been innovating so quickly, which assist online lottery a lot nowadays. Nobody can deny the advantages of joining lottery in the internet brought to players. Security is one of its benefits. As you have ever had the bad luck when you cannot look for your lottery ticket next you will know why this benefit is crucial. As purchases are made via the internet, with this way there is totally no risk of losing a winning ticket, or ever having to proving that the ticket is yours. An online receipt or a proof of purchase is all you are required – and there is no method of misplacing that. The second one is guaranteed payouts. Each year there are millions of dollars/euro/pounds of lottery winners that are unclaimed since someone lose their tickets or do not remember to check them. As playing in the internet, there is definitely no risk of missing out on your cash due to forgotten checks or failing to claim within the time frame.

For online lottery brokers, any secondary winnings are paid first hand to your account; as you’re the lucky jackpot winner, you will be announced at once. The third one is convenient idea. Purchasing lottery ticket in the internet is just so simple and fast to do with your smart phone or PC. You do not have to search for a store or convenience shop, you do not take any cash on travel, and there is no time wasted in lines. Finally, there is no geographical limitation. The Internet supports to raise your selections with no any physical restrictions; you can live in South Africa and still enjoy the Euro Jackpot even though you are not actually in Europe yourself.

How to play keputusan 4D

The keputusan 4D Malaysia lotteries in the internet is carried out by picking a number in the range from 0000 to 9999. For the draws, 23 winning numbers are selected and of one match for one of the numbers, next that player will become a lottery winner. The first legalized lottery creator in Malaysia was licensed by the State of Malaysia.

The time in which 4D results (keputusan 4D) are announced

As you can get information about the lottery games, in general, there are six great providers of 4D lotteries in Malaysia at the present. You can, nonetheless, expect the draws to be made at toughly the same time each and each week. You will know that the 4D result (in Malaysia it is named keputusan 4D) is drawn every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sometimes, there may also be an extra draw made on Tuesday. When you can maybe predict, we will get those 4D results published on our website sooner as opposed to later! This means that you can see the 4D result including Damacai, Magnum, Sports toto, Singapore, Sabah and Cashweep as well no matter where you are!

The way the lottery game keputusan 4D results are showed

There are some 4D results like keputusan 4D webs which just publishes the “main” numbers which win from the draw. This is not a good idea, for the real reasons. Therefore, the large number of lottery winners is going to be those who come under the smaller awards. So, we list absolutely every winning number of the Malaysian lottery consisting of Damacai, Sports toto, Singapore, Sabah, Cashweep and Magnum.

The results include the big prizes and the quite smaller ones as well. This means that our site is the only site that you are required to visit so as to get your 4D results. If you are a big lottery winner or a small lottery winner, you will find out exactly what you are required to know on our web, fast and simply!


Do not forget that we also publish and sell tickets for other lotteries out there, so if you are keen on them, we do suggest that you take a quick browse through our website. You never know what you will be able to find!

How to purchase the lottery tickets?

As you know, there is no use in finding the 4D results (keputusan 4D) in the internet if you do not get a ticket, right? Of course not! Therefore, through us, you will be capable of getting your ticket for the Malaysian 4D lottery such as Damacai, Sports toto, Singapore, Sabah, Cashweep and Magnum. As sometimes, we do make an effort to do the process of doing so as easy as possible. All it takes is a short time to purchase your ticket.

There will be no requirement to queue up for days in a store to get your hands on one. You just purchase it through some websites like You can next come back quickly after the draw and find out if you are a winner or not! It really is that easy!

Example for the prize of lottery winner


The prize for the winners will be divided into 7 categories.

– Category 1: Jackpot 1 Prize = RM2million + Jackpot 1 Snowball

– Category 2: Jackpot 2 Prize = Jackpot 2 Snowball

– Category 3: RM100.000 for every RM2 bet

– Category 4: RM3.388 for every RM2 bet

– Category 5: RM338 for every RM2 bet

– Category 6: RM38 for every RM2 bet

– Category 7: RM4 for every RM2 bet