The Malaysia 4D national lottery prize structure

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The recent prize structure came into effect with the introduction of the main Toto 4D result history Lotto raffle on Saturday 5th October 2016.

The entire prize pools for the main Lottery and the main Lottery raffle are 42.47% and 5.03% respectively of the entire expense of the tickets sold for that draw. As  all the 5.03% is not utilized on raffle prizes, the remaining amount goes into a reserve funding, which is spent for future raffle draws (for example to fund a shortfall or to add more raffle prizes). The proportion figures are rounded down to the nearest 8p as applied to ticket sales before further calculations on it are performed (do not ask me why!).

4d past result

All 5-match prizes are fixed at £23 each (there is one exception to this – understand the Notes section below) and are subtracted from the entire prize pool. The allocation of the remaining prize (considered as the “Pools Fund”) is as follows:

8-match (Jackpot) Prize Pool (Average prize pool: Sat – £5m, Wed – £8m)

66.3% of the Pools Fund add any rollover from the prior draw’s unwon jackpot prize funds. An occasional Super 4d result malaysia today live, funded from 5% of the ticket sales of previous Lotto, will either top-up by putting a fixed number or guarantee a minimum jackpot prize funding. As there is no jackpot winner, hence the total jackpot prize pool is “rolled over” to the following draw. This can occur a maximum of 4 times – as there is a 6th consecutive jackpot where the jackpot was not won, the jackpot prize fund is shared among the 5+extra winners of the 5th draw or among the 5-match winners of the 5th draw as there are no such 5+extra winners.

5+bonus-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £50,000)

5.3% of the Pools Fund add the 5th consecutive unwon jackpot prize funding as information above. As there are no 5+bonus winners and it not the 5th consecutive unwon jackpot, hence the 5+extra prize pool is placed to the jackpot prize pool for the same draw. This has occurred just once to date.

5-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £1,500)

4.5% of the Pools Fund add the 4th consecutive unwon jackpot prize funding as there is no 5+extra winners as well. As there are no 5-match winners, the 5-match prize pool is placed to the 4-match prize pool for the same draw.

4-match Prize Pool (Average prize: £100)

23.8% of the Pools Fund add the 5-match Prize Pool as there are no 5-match winners. As there are no 4-match winners, then the 4-match Prize Pool is shared equally among the 3-match winners besides their standard £25 prize.

toto 4d result history



An individual prize in the above categories is easily the division of the prize pool for that category by the number of winners in that category. Malaysia Lotto calculates this spending double-precision floating-point arithmetic throughout and then rounds down to the nearest $ at the last moment.

As the entire number of winners in all categories * $25 exceeds the entire prize pool (consisting of any rollover or Super Draw cash), hence the main Lotto entire prize pool is split into separate prize pool tiers spending these set of proportion instead (from 6-match to 3-match): 31.9%, 2.5%, 2.2%, 11.4% and 52.0%.

As a single ticket could win more than one individual prize in a draw (for example a jackpot ticket absolutely has six 5-matches, fifteen 6-matches and twenty 3-matches making an entire of 42 prizes), just only the single highest individual prize is won.

In case noone claims a prize within 180 days of the draw, it is added to the National Lottery Distribution Fund.

energy green

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The price of energy increases substantially every year. Fossil fuels become depleted. Green energy generated by wind turbines and solar panels have now been established and have proven their reliability. For private use only the solar panel provisionally applicable.

There are two types:
Those warm water for sanitary use and generate those electricity. The latter are called photovoltaic panels. This we therefore advise you to leave places. Regardless of the changing subsidy, these panels remain worthwhile.



Our heat pump, which provides heating and domestic hot water, can be easily provided with sufficient electricity from our solar panels. This eliminates our annual costs for heating.


Meanwhile get there more and more new systems on the market. We think of the power plant (CHP for short). Although still very expensive, which may in the future be an interesting product. The bottom line is that the boiler uses its waste gases to generate electricity.

At that time would be a simpler air – can be designated as water heat pump heating system. This air – water heat pumps lose much of their profitability when the outside air is cooler than 5 °. At that moment, the boiler could take the heat with electricity production as a bonus.

Overall, it is important to follow the market. Econ Housing is putting the best combination with the knowledge of today.

More info?
Do you have concrete plans and want to build a house with attention to ecology, quality and workmanship? Ask for a personal interview with Econ Housing. When we choose consciously build quality!

Architect needed or wanted?

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Architect wanted to make your plans turn into reality? Look no further!Econ Housing construction has a number of in-house architects who shape together with you to build your intentions.

your benefits

The presence of our in-house architects offers some interesting advantages.

Building is not an exact science. We see several trends in the market, construction methods, techniques, materials, etc …


And everyone says a little bit of himself that he is the best. In itself this is not so bad, except when you as a consumer will be deceived.

What’s important ? Within one construction company should be the noses in the same direction. Architect bricklayer until we have the knowledge of traditional building control as possible. We should all be confident that our econ package is the best on the market. Only then can we make an appropriate design, with proper implementation on site.

Our experience in the traditional, massive construction method with our sense of renewal, a number of contacts established with architects. They believe in us and we in them.

We stand behind all of the following principles:

  • build as compact as possible
  • airtight finishing
  • maximum isolation with balanced ventilation
  • environmentally efficient heating

Only if we all stand behind these principles, we can realize a house Econ

More info

At Econ Housing choose consciously build quality! Please contact us for more information or ask if a personal interview an architect wanted or necessary .

Passive vs. build energy-efficient building

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Why Econ Housing construction? Find Out Now!Passive construction is today a hot item in the house . But if we examine the conditions for passive building further, and we compare it with energy efficient building or AM (almost energy neutral) , what can we conclude? In this article Econ Housing deeper into this equation.

We are not architects here among themselves and so it is to make things understandable intention.
It is primarily on three basic principles we should apply stricter and stricter in the construction of a new home.

  1. isolate
  2. Airtight finish
  3. Ventilation with heat recovery

These three building principles we can all use. This is simply a matter of DO.
The next two principles, however, we do not have in hand.

  1. compact build
  2. use winter

These depend on the size of the plot and the location to the south.

An example

On a long narrow plot or less, it is not possible to build compact. I always give the example of a single-storey house of 100 sqm. Either we build this compact 10 m to 10 m. This gives 40 m outside. We may have to deviate because of the plot width and we therefore 5m 20m from. A bit extreme but it shows the importance of compact build.

With the same 100 sqm living space we have 50m exterior needed. This means that our outside of the home, called building shell, 30 sqm increases.

If now the location to the south front is on the street side, we also lose the opportunity to fully enjoy the warmth of the winter sun. Large windows on the south side and small windows on the north side are hard to fit in.

We speak of a passive house, if all five principles are applied. So say all of our houses are passive houses , can not . A well-known passive builder has already experienced this firsthand. Only 1 in 5 has been certified as a passive house.


That is why we prefer to talk about E 30 home, an AM (almost energy neutral) property or a low energy house. Before construction starts have an energy study done so that we can determine in advance how far we go with the application of the abovementioned principles.

Why Econ-housing?

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Econ stands for ecological construction in an economical manner. With ‘economic’ we mean : “good for your wallet” . After all, we build low-energy houses at the price of turnkey!
Why Econ Housing construction? Find Out Now!It is all quite amusing that we, and our government, the ‘environment’ is important. Our children and grandchildren deserve a ‘healthy’ world.
We do also assume our responsibility is clear. But it must remain affordable hey!

And we go for. We like to show the way to those structural components that are the best buy in time for you. Cheap is sometimes expensive buy but the most expensive is often also the best.

The market is flooded with new insulation materials, insulation techniques, heating and ventilation systems. In addition there are new methods develop rapidly in order to generate energy itself. Not to mention the various suppliers of all these elements, which all claim to have the best in the house.

In this maze of products, we offer it to giving a guarantee of solidity and pay for themselves in a reasonable time.

the roadmap

1. We build traditional manner. This means that the baked stone is used for both the load-bearing construction as the outer building envelope. This gives the following advantages:

  • the strongest structure
  • modifications are possible up to the wharf
  • best sound and heat insulation
  • no or almost no maintenance costs
  •  high resale value

2. We propose with you the best kit together, ie an econ package.
Insulation, ventilation, heating and energy are composed in such a way that you can count on the highest comfort in relation to the fastest payback.

3. We support and advise you in your quest for the best bank and most grants. Our bankers and our government are masters at making difficult, in fact, simple products. It is a maze of terms. We show you the way.

More info?

Do you have concrete plans and want to build a house with attention to ecology, quality and workmanship? Ask for a personal interview with Econ Housing. With us you choose consciously build quality!

Your plastic sliding doors custom

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Are you looking for a plastic sliding door that is custom-made? Plastic sliding windows offer a completely new perspective on attractive interior and exterior. Much light enters; and a great view outside. They offer a perfect way to close large openings without restricting the view.


The best solution can be found at and we produce in our own factory Sliding System S150  and Hefschuifspui EasySlide of the Schuco brand quality. We produce your plastic sliding door in any format, size, color, and from € 1500, – excluding VAT. This technically advanced product development you enjoy many years of comfortable living.

Features plastic sliding doors of

Our plastic sliding doors have the following features:

  • High-quality and modern design;
  • Custom made in the desired performance;
  • Standard door furniture that meets the Secured by Design (SKG 2 *);
  • Many applications: balcony, sun room, living room;
  • Many opening variations;
  • Many color options;
  • Flexibility to operate so child-friendly;
  • High thermal insulation.

Measurements by Every Door

You can always use our sizing. You are not responsible for the appropriate production measures – what has been so easy. After all; you do not run the risk that the plastic sliding door does not fit. We provide the dimensions at a flat rate of € 175, – excl. VAT.


After producing the plastic sliding through every door you can pick up the sliding door to us in our factory, but we can deliver for you at your address and, if necessary, mount directly. Whatever you choose, we always confirm the services in the tender.

Payment conditions

Depending on the delivery chosen our payment terms are as follows:
Pick up at the factory: You pay in advance via bank or cash on pickup.
Delivery at your address: You pay in advance via bank or cash on delivery
Installation on your address:You pay a deposit of 30% and 70% within 5 days after placement.

Non-binding offer plastic sliding doors

If you’d like more information about a plastic sliding doors of Every Door, please   contact us and we will be happy to answer you. Would you like to apply for quotation? You can easily request a free quote by clicking the button below. Our delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks after commissioning or in concert.

Hot and cold numbers in 4d result live today

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Any one knows that 4d result live today is drawn randomly, but if you pay more attention, you will find amazing things such as hot numbers and cold numbers in these results. Have you ever wondered why many people have won lottery jackpots and you are not one of them. One of top reasons is that you don’t know rules of choosing hot and cold numbers in 4d result Malaysia today live. So, take time to explore the rules in this article.


Nowadays, there are lots of people love to play lottery, especially through online agents because of convenience and comfort. Hence, players easily find past lottery results corresponded to lottery games they are playing. Thus, phenomenon of hot and cold numbers was born.

Theory of hot and cold numbers in lottery

Theory of hot and cold numbers is a new concept in lottery industry in which you can find rules to start winning more in your chosen lotto game. According to lotto experts, hot numbers are numbers that are drawn very often than other numbers based on daily lottery results. And people believe in a method or a pattern that show clearly numbers appear more often than others in magnum 4d past result .

In the other hands, cold numbers are considered as those numbers that less lucky than others because the probability of drawing these numbers is very low. Depending on toto 4d result history, rules of hot and cold numbers appeared.

Pick hot numbers

As I have mentioned above, hot numbers are often in winning numbers drawn by lotto agents. That is reason why you should pick hot numbers to boost you chance of winning the lottery. In order to which are hot numbers, you need collect past 4d results and study them carefully to find out numbers appear more often.

Besides, visit reputable lottery websites such as 4dtreasure or 4ddraw regularly to get list hot numbers the webs offer.

Avoid cold numbers

Similar to picking hot numbers, you also have to look for past 4d results to know which numbers have less chance to appear in 4d result live today to avoid these numbers. By studying carefully, you can easily find out specific numbers that are rarely or never drawn. Of course, most online lottery sites I have mentioned above provide list cold numbers. So, you can easily avoid these numbers.


Lotto strategies or luck

Most people bear in mind that winning lottery depends on luck more than tips and tricks. But today, this concept seems to change. For those who win lottery Malaysia consistently, do you think there is something more than just luck going on? If you delete the think that lottery is games of luck, naturally you will find methods to improve your chance of winning including use theory of hot and cold numbers are avoiding cold numbers and selecting hot numbers in your lottery selection.

Hope this article will give you a better chance of winning in 4d Malaysia. Good luck!



Boiler Garant

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Boiler Garant is your specialist in everything to do with central heating, boiler maintenance, repair and installation does. Boiler Garant offers its service for years in the country. Wherever you are in the Netherlands, there are always several boiler expert at your presence in the region. In this way we are able to repair your boiler quickly if necessary. The mechanics joined us work for individuals as well as businesses and homeowners’ associations. No job is too small or too large to us!


Service your boiler

As long as your boiler is working properly, maintenance does not seem so important. It seems so obvious that you can heat your house and central heating boilers often have a long life. This is nice, on the other hand awkwardly as the developments in the heating world soon. There are many new types of boilers on the market, such as the HR boiler or heating system. These high efficiency boilers are compared with the old boiler so incredibly efficient that it can often easy to replace your old boiler. Your heating bills can therefore fall huge!

A new or replacement boiler necessary?

The mechanics of boiler Guarantor can supply all major brands at competitive prices. Do you want to install new heating system? Call immediately 085 4.32 million . You can also request a quote from us, our installers convince you like. For repair or replacement boiler you have come to the right place. Our technicians have access to modern measuring and recovery equipment, so we are able to quickly identify problems and recover. Because our experts have access to a company car containing virtually all service components, we often can in one visit to repair your boiler, install or replace. Did you know that we also offer maintenance contracts for both new and existing boilers? A look around our website or feel free to ask more information!


Fast service for breakdowns and repairs: 085 4320000
Is your home cold and have no hot water? No problem, the failure of our affiliated service technicians repaired your boiler in no time! We understand that you want your problem resolved quickly, that’s why our technicians are always there for you.

CV Installation costs

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Quickly and easily resume Installation costs compare with different companies. This is done here Fill in the right form on this page and you will receive within a few days tenders.


Which CV Installation costs?

Installing a new central heating system brings different costs involved. Of course, there are the costs for the boiler itself, but there are also the costs for materials, labor and any travel expenses of the technician at. Let yourself so well informed about the total CV Installation costs.

Cost entire central heating system

  • Quick and easy
  • easily compare prices
  • region Bound
  • Free

Free and non binding bids received

You can completely through this servicefree of charge and without obligation quotes for heating installation charges apply.
Go through this form on the right side of the page. You describe how your current situation looks like and what your needs are. Bottom of the form to add any details.Fill in the right form and receive multiple quotes without obligation.
for central heating installation costs arrow Tenders

CV installation costs in your specific situation

The form gives you the possibility to give details on. You can do this by using the “Comments” field. For example, describe wishes, expectations and possible difficult situations in your home. This information helps the installer to help you properly and focused.

Cost construction cv installation

Keep the cost of construction of the heating plant under control.Choose the appropriate specialist. Always compare.

for central heating installation costs arrow TendersFill in the right form and receive multiple quotes without obligation